The Solu-tech range of Crop Nutrition Products

To be released in Feb 2017 the new range of superior solutions from Hortus Technical Services is the Solu-tech range specifically formulated using our 30yrs of expertise in soil and plant health to develop an unrivalled selection of products.

Available via your trusted reseller in 20L and 1000L IBC's throughout Qld, NSW and Vic.

For Orders Phone 07 4132 5000.

Solutech elemental composition sheet.pdf

Soil Ammendments

Solutech Gypsum.pdf

Solutech SOLU-CAL.pdf

Solutech SOLU-MAG.pdf

Solutech Multilogic.pdf

Fertigation - Macro

Solutech Calcium Nitrate.pdf

Solutech Ammonium Phosphate.pdf

Solutech Potassium Phosphate.pdf

Solutech Potassium Sulphate.pdf

Solutech Potassium Silicate.pdf

Solutech Multilogic.pdf

Fertigation - Micro

Solutech Iron.pdf

Solutech Manganese.pdf

Solutech Zinc.pdf

Solutech Copper.pdf

Solutech Molybdenum.pdf


Macro and Micro nutrients for foliar application combined with plant sugar alcohol complexes, amino acids, humectants and organic chelating agents

Widely used in agriculture as a dramatic and fast way of getting nutrients into plants, foliar feeding is not only useful for regular fertilising to gain higher quality crops, but it is especially important for the correction of nutrient deficiencies and the addition of micronutrients. Foliar spraying has a 95 percent efficiency of uptake compared to about a 10 percent efficiency from soil applications and is an efficient way of fertiliser input where soil conditions make it impractical to apply fertiliser through a fertigation system such as too wet or very high or low pH values.

Solutech Foliar Calcium.pdf

Solutech Foliar K-Trace.pdf

Solutech Foliar Boron.pdf

Solutech Foliar Iron.pdf

Solutech Foliar Zinc.pdf

Solutech Foliar Copper.pdf

Solutech Multi-Trace.pdf

For Technical Support and Sales:

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