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Get the Information you need, when you need it. Hortus Analytical is Australia's leading specialist, full service, Horticulture Laboratory. We understand the importance of speed with accuracy.

Hortus Analytical is the only Independent laboratory servicing the Horticulture industries that is both NATA accredited ( Accreditation No. 18864) and certified with The Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC) which is an independent international organisation bringing together individuals, laboratories, research and commercial organisations who share a common interest in soil and plant analysis - and the use of analytical results.

Hortus participates regularly in ASPAC’s Inter Laboratory Proficiency Programme involving more than 60 laboratories in 8 countries throughout Australasia, SE Asia, and the Pacific. We do this in order to promote industry wide best practice in sampling, analysis, interpretation and advice and to ensure our clients receive resalts at the very highest analytical standards.

Hortus Technical Services provides independent agronomic advice when requested. Our company does not sell, and is not aligned with any fertilizer product sales organisations. Hortus operates on a fee for service basis allowing you the freedom to source your products wherever you wish.


ASPAC Independent analysis from certified professionals

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