Irrigation Management

Water is the lifeblood of agriculture. Hortus leads the way in delivering innovative and cost effective irrigation solutions, from design, implementation and management to real-time monitoring and continual improvement. Save water and maximise crop yield and quality.

Soil Moisture, E.C and Temperature Monitoring

Hortus Technical Services has sought the world’s best technology for soil moisture monitoring to meet the needs of their leading growers. Water monitoring devices are capable of continuously monitoring soil moisture to accurately schedule irrigation. Hortus delivers strategies for irrigation management of a range of crops using the latest Soil Moisture Monitoring technology. These strategies are designed to save water, fertiliser and pumping costs as well as maximise crop yield and quality. 


H2Pro  -  Complete package developed by Hortus

Built in Soil Moisture, Electrical Conductivity, Soil Temperature, capacitance sensors at 10cm intervals down the soil profile, calibrated to the original Hortus Quicksoil, to enable live soluble cation tracking with data transmitted via 3G every 30 mins for live viewing via AgPro Online's Irrigation module which has interactive charts and full soil moisture management including alerts. Users must have an AgPro subscription ( for the period of their H2-Pro lease.



Price Range for H2Pro Soil Moisture Monitoring

Option 1: Battery powered units for small crops

Outpost WASP logger with internal battery.
Internal battery lasts from 8 months to  2+ years depending on logging and upload frequency. Internal Replacement battery cost is $80 plus P&P and 2 weeks downtime.
Enviropro Soil probe EP100D-04_op (10cm, 20cm, 30cm, 40cm depth readings)
Mounting pole (ie  Star picket) not supplied

Retail price: $1800 + GST purchase plus $30/month hosting

24 month Lease - $120 + GST per month all inclusive
12 month lease - $180 + GST per month all inclusive
6 month lease - $200 + GST per month all inclusive


Option 2: Solar powered units for small crops

Outpost Cobra logger 
5W Solar panel + cable connector + mounting bracket, 
External 3dBi  aerial for extended cellular range
Enviropro Soil probe EP100D-04_op (10cm, 20cm, 30cm, 40cm depth readings)
Mounting pole (ie  Star picket) not supplied

Retail price: $2070 + GST purchase plus $30/month hosting
24 month Lease - $135 + GST per month all inclusive


Option 3: Solar powered units for tree crops

Outpost Cobra logger 
5W Solar panel + cable connector + mounting bracket, 
External 3dBi aerial for extended cellular range
Enviropro Soil probe EP100D-12_op (reads every 10cm down to 120cm deep).
Mounting pole not supplied

Retail price: $3417 + GST purchase plus $30/month hosting
24 month Lease - $200 + GST per month all inclusive


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More about the H2-Pro Probe

High Performance Multi Function Sub Surface Probe

Monitoring Soil moisture salinity and temperature for all soil types

  • A multi function sensor located at every 10cm
  • Fully encapsulated Sealed
  • reliable and very stable
  • Maintenance free long life
  • optimised for sub surface operating

Revolutionary New Design

  • The H2-Pro's Revolutionary design measures soil moisture, Temperature and salinity in all Soil types, giving you consistent data year after year

Improved Accuracy

  • Soil moisture readings are compensated for the effects of temperature and can be compensated for salinity caused errors, giving you measurements which you can depend on.

Easy Soil Profiling

  • Sensors are fitted every 10cm giving you a full picture of soil profile

Mechanically and chemically stable

  • The Internal electronics are fully encapsulated in epoxy nothing can move and all circuits are protected against moisture and chemicals which makes the probe reliable, consistent and very stable

Maintenance Free

  • With no requirement for maintenance you save on time and money over the probe's life.

Suits all crops

  • The H2-Pro is available in lengths of 40cm, 80cm, 120cm and 160cm There is a size That's right for every crop.

Optimize your fertilizer application

  • Take the movement of nutrients thru the root zone by tracking changes in salinity and compare the live soil E.C. with your fortnightly laboratory tested Quicksoil results from Hortus Analytical.

Optimize your irrigation event

  • with a sensor every 10cm,you can take the movement of water thru the root zone. You know exactly where the moisture and fertigated solution is and at what depths the plant is using it.

Save on unnecessary leaching irrigation

  • with the ability to monitor Salinity build up in the root zone, you can save money, save water, save time by only applying a leaching irrigation when you mean to.

Flexible Configuration

  • The H2-Pro can be configured to output any combination of moisture, salinity or temperature at all 10cm intervals.

Sub Surface

  • Being a sub surface probe damage from stock or machinery is minimized.



Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where do I get a SIM card from?
    You don't. The device is shipped with a SIM card already installed for your country. Your usage charges are managed through the web interface.
  • Is there a charge for the SIM and website platform?
    Yes. You pay one low cost monthly or yearly invoice that covers both the SIM costs and the web platform for all your connected H2-Pro's. There is a fixed fee for each country and these charges can be pre or post paid by credit card or direct payment.
  • Can I stop my monthly charges at any time?
    Yes. Unless you are in a contract you can deactivate the device from the web platform and halt your monthly charges. You can activate the device again later.
  • Can I have more than one sensor per H2-Pro site?
    Sorry - not with this product. We have done our best to make this product beautiful in its simplicity. If you need more than one sensor then why not try one of our multipurpose loggers.
  • Can my company integrate this solution and market it as part of our own service offering?
    Yes. The website is 100% brandable and you can even reprogram your web display template yourself using javascript. Alternatively use the API to interface with your existing solution.
  • How long will the internal batteries last?
    * The batteries will last for 5 years in good signal. In low or patchy signal the batteries may be used up more quickly - but you can track it from the website.


  • When does the daily upload of data occur?
    You can choose the hour of the day that the previous 2,6,12 or 24 hours worth of data is sent to the website. It will happen at some point in this hour.
  • Is the device plug and play?
    We think the term plug and play is an industry cliche. The H2-Pro doesn't even have a plug but we're confident you'll find it to be the easiest to operate monitoring device on the market.
  • How does the H2-Pro send the data?
    The H2-Pro connects to the mobile GPRS data network and sends data using HTTP over TCP/IP to the Hortus web servers. All configuration and firmware updates occur the same way.
  • Is the solution robust?
    Good question - robustness is the most important aspect of a cost effective monitoring solution. The answer is Yes. Hortus have been designing GPRS based monitoring solutions since 2002. We have many thousands of successful deployments around the world and are one of the fastest growing agronomic technology companies in Asia Pacific.
  • This sounds too good to be true. Is it really as awesome as it sounds?
    It sure is - try it.



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